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The Tournament optioned in Spain

QITV’s The Tournament, which ran for two series on BBC One, has been optioned by the Spanish production company Topanga Crea and licenced to the BINGE channel on YouTube.

On BINGE The Tournament is showing on the Game Show channel Bonus Round.

Bonus Round is a hub for amazing game show content from all around the world, curating clips daily from huge globally recognised brands such as Family Feud, Let’s Make A Deal and Password.

In the ultimate knockout quiz, eight players do battle on the Tournament Run in a series of exciting tug-of-war quiz matches as they attempt to knock their opponents out of the game and steal their cash. Only one player will be left standing at the end, but can they make it all the way to the Golden Run to double their money? Hosted by Alex Scott.

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Feb 22

I watch quiz shows where the questions are at or above the limits of my own knowledge. I normally manage to ignore any of the non-quiz related goings-on-- spinning wheels, Chasers, answers in the form of a question--I’m sure you know what I mean.


I watch Tournament because it comes on after Impossible! In the afternoon. Impossible!’s non-quiz format does not distract. Unfortunately, Tournament has so many distractions that, unusually, I’m writing to you with suggestions how to improve it.


First, change the name to Weigh-In. Alex is determined to get the contestants to exhibit the sort of posturing that I have never seen in a tournament and only ever see in professional boxing matches during the weigh-in.

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