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20 Series (2002 - Present)


The BAFTA-nominated comedy panel show, in which Sandi Toksvig and Alan Davies are joined by the best of comedy talent for an anarchic quiz on all things quite interesting - from raspberries and Confucius, to barn owls and outer space. A BBC staple for two decades, QI is broadcast internationally, has spawned multiple overseas editions and staged live versions across the UK and Australia.


The Tournament

2021 - 2022

In the ultimate knockout quiz, eight players do battle on the Tournament Run in a series of exciting tug-of-war quiz matches as they attempt to knock their opponents out of the game and steal their cash. Only one player will be left standing at the end, but can they make it all the way to the Golden Run to double their money? Hosted by Alex Scott.

Series 1 (25 episodes) and Series 2 (30 episodes) broadcast on BBC Daytime from September 2021 to October 2022.

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Allegedly...The Popbitch Podcast


A spin-off from the legendary gossip e-newsletter in which comedians Ellie Taylor and Dan Schreiber, alongside Popbitch editor Chris Lochery, geek out about all-things-celebrity, giving listeners a uniquely entertaining, fun-fact-and-gossip-filled insight into the world of showbusiness and how it really works. A ‘Sidebar of Shame’ for the ears.


No Such Thing As A Fish

350+ episodes (2014 - Present)


One of the UK's most successful podcasts in which the QI researchers gather to discuss their favourite facts. No Such Thing As A Fish receives over a million listens a week, and regularly tours live around the world - including sell-out shows at the Sydney Opera House and London's Eventim Hammersmith Apollo.


Why Workshop

2019 - Present

If spiders can walk on the ceiling, why can't they get out of the bath? How do plant seeds know which way is up? Why does red mean 'stop' and green mean 'go'?


The QI Elves join The Zoe Ball Breakfast show each Wednesday to answer the nation's questions on any and all subjects.


No Such Thing As The News

2 Series (2016-17)


A unique angle on current affairs, No Such Thing As The News found the interesting and bizarre side to every story. Airing on Friday nights, it beat Newsnight in the ratings, and was the first comedy show to be produced for BBC News since That Was The Week That Was in 1962.


The Museum Of Curiosity

15 Series (2008 - Present)

The world's most interesting and unusual experts make donations to a vast, imaginary museum. In over 90 episodes and several specials, co-produced with the BBC, contributors include J. K. Rowling, Buzz Aldrin, Hannah Gadsby, Ken Dodd and Slipknot's Corey Taylor.

Museum Lates is a QITV-produced spin-off fronted by Alice Levine, Dan Schreiber and John Lloyd, airing on Radio 4 in 2021. 


Behind The Gills


A chart-topping four part documentary series that goes behind the scenes of the No Such Thing As A Fish live tour across the UK.

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